Transport Providers

Transport Providers

Transportation providers play an incredible role in the health and well-being of millions of people each year. Our goal is to make your lives easier so you can continue to offer a helping hand to those in need. iMed Transportation connects you with both patients and healthcare providers nationwide to quickly schedule transportation services electronically. This means no more resources wasted answering phone calls and filling out paperwork. Let us be your electronic scheduling solution so you can continue being the transportation solution that patients can count on.

How iMed Works For Transport Providers

Improve Revenue

Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances helps to improve the revenue cycle.

Save Resources

iMed eliminates the need for phone calls and reduces the need for paperwork which saves cost on resources.


Better visibility into demand leads to better resource utilization resulting in additional cost savings.


Completely eliminates the call-taking process
Improves revenue cycle with better patient and insurance info
Increases pre-scheduled requests, provides better demand visibility
Optimizes the transportation provider’s resources increasing efficiency


The analytics through iMed Transport will help Transport Providers with the following:

          • Better understanding of demand ahead of time to plan more effectively, through increased pre-schedules

          • Ability to follow-up on billing related paperwork much closer to the transportation

          • Better align the system status management based on the hourly trends from various calling facilities

          • Align the sales initiatives based on calling trends

          • Easy access to historic performance and trends across various ordering facilities

          • Improved vehicle management and fleet utilization

          • Understand and correct the bottlenecks in the transportation process