Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

As healthcare providers, your mission is to provide your patient with the highest level of care possible, utilizing the most effective methods available. At iMed Transportation our commitment to healthcare providers is no different. We leverage modern information technology to completely improve the efficiency of the transportation process. Healthcare providers win by no longer having to utilize resources to call different transportation providers, wait with patients for overextended periods of time due to the untimeliness of transport drivers, or even facilitate the transmission of paperwork.

How It Works

Request Transportation

The hospital requests transport through a secure portal on a portable device or computer.

Transport Provider

The request is sent out immediately to multiple transport providers based on medical needs and hospital defined criteria. The transport provider gets the request immediately and can accept with a simple click of a button

Notifications and Transparency

iMed sends notifications to hospital on the status, location and ETA through the process.

Electronic Transfer

iMed enables electronic transfer of information through secure encryption eliminating paper work.


Simplifies the medical transportation process

Automation of process – no need for multiple phone calls and paperwork

Increased efficiency resulting in better resource utilization

Patient flow information becomes easily available


IMed Transport provides valuable insight into the patient logistics through our analytics and BI solutions.

The analytics provided by iMed Transport will help hospitals and other healthcare facilities with the following:

          • Increased transparency and visibility into medical transportation

          • Capability to select the most suitable vendor for the transport based on on-time performance to increase service                            reliability

          • Ability to pre-schedule transports with a vendor based on the ambulance resource availability

          • Easy access to transportation provider’s historic performance and trends

          • Understand the deficiencies in the transportation process and improve continuously