Welcome to iMed Transport

The medical transportation process currently operates using inefficient methods and dated technology. We’re here to change that. iMed Transport’s digital platform improves patient flow through the healthcare system and provides accurate information of patient transportation to all entities involved.
With iMed Transport, you no longer have to call transportation providers, sort through paperwork or be unsure of patient arrival time or vitals.

Our Vision

An aging baby boomer population, coupled with rising healthcare costs, has increased the need for an efficient Medical Transportation system. Current patient transportation management processes are unnecessarily complicated and inefficient.
Our vision at iMed Transport is to simplify the medical transportation process at its core and increase the efficiency of all parties. iMed Transport simplifies the medical transportation process for all – the patient, healthcare staff and transportation providers alike.

Executive Team



Founder and CEO of National Health Finance, a national medical/lien funding company. Licensed lawyer in Arizona, Washington and Oregon.


IT leader with 15+ years of experience as BoD, CIO, Enterprise Architect in startups and fortune 50 companies, Founder of multiple technology startups.


Licensed family physician, Former Chief of Staff and Founder of Arizona Surgical Hospital, first orthopedic surgical hospital in Arizona.


Licensed attorney with years of corporate and litigation experience.

Simplifying Patient Logistics

Simplifying Patient Logistics for Healthcare Providers:

Healthcare providers typically don’t have the information regarding patient-transportation to make more effective decisions when selecting a transportation provider, resulting in longer periods of time patients are spent waiting. iMed Transport makes it easy for hospitals to manage this efficiently and obtain reliable on-time performance.

     • Simplifies medical transportation process

     • Increases the efficiency, results in better resource utilization

     • Improves patient care and satisfaction levels

Simplifying Patient Logistics for Transportation Providers:

Transportation providers will spend time and resources on handling transport requests, paper-work and inefficiencies in the current process. This impacts both cost and revenue along with on-time performance. iMed Transport simplifies the process and helps transportation providers to provide reliable, timely service while improving revenue recognition.

     • Simplifies and automates the call-taking process

     • Eliminates paper work and delays at the hospital

     • Improves revenue cycle with better patient and insurance information

Simplifying Patient Logistics for Patients

Patients typically have no visibility on their medical transporter leaving them unknowing of when they will arrive. iMed helps provide this visibility and enhancing patient experience with real-time updates and virtual visibility. In addition to helping improve the quality of care, this also helps the healthcare providers in improving the revenue.

     • Improves service reliability

     • Increased visibility into the transportation status

     • Improves clinical care quality